About Us

To give some hope
To make a dream come true
To dry a tear
To heal a wound
To make a future bright
To life a soul
To find the way
To do that which is right
To make a difference
To pass it on
To change a little space
To honor a gift
To fulfill a pledge
To make the world a better place


Martin County PPEC is a unique type of pediatric day center. Our 45 beds center at 310 SW Ocean Boulevard in Stuart, Florida is for children who are with complex and fragile medical, developmental and technology dependent needs. In addition, children with cognitive and neurological impairments.

Martin County PPEC is designed to be family-oriented. Family support groups and educational sessions will be developed to provide support beyond therapeutic goals.

All children deserve the same opportunities. Ultimately, it’s all about fun and to make new friends in a safe, loving environment.